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I was chatting to one of my lovely nieces yesterday and she was telling me about some really unpleasant girls that were horrible to her in her old school last year. She said she would love to go back to them now and show them she isn’t such a wimp any more. This took me back to life in my secondary school and particularly when I got picked on by people but had no confidence to say anything back to them, I just used to take it all and not say at word. Why is it that we often remember the negative things that have haven’t to us in life and how it made us feel but we don’t always remember the positive things? I couldn’t tell my best friend because at one point she was one of the ones being nasty. Just for information – we are talking fifteen year olds here and not five year olds! Anyway I told my niece that she wasn’t a wimp at all it’s just that she wasn’t very confident then and now, a year later, she has grown a little and has more confidence.

I reminded her that it was the girls that had the problem and that those girls being so mean has made her a stronger person now and given her the confidence to deal with other stuff.

Anyway this is a really short post but I just wanted to say that shit happens to all of us at some point in our lives and we have a choice as to how we look at it, we can let it really get to us – I’ve been guilty of that in the past – or we can let it help us to grow as a person and give us more strength to deal with things that may happen in the future.

It’s like sunshine and raindrops, although most of us relish the summer and enjoy being out in the sunshine, we don’t really like rain – well ducks might! But unfortunately in life we have to take the good with the bad. Without rain there would be no life. Full stop. Nothing would grow. The food chain always starts with a green plant, whether you are vegetarian or not. So without water – life would not be sustainable. So rain – which may be perceived by many to be a negative thing – is actually a fundamental part of life, which although it may not seem it at the time, obviously does have huge benefits.

So those little hurdles and sometimes unfortunately huge mountains, that hit us along the way as we go through life are an inconvenience – and sometimes a massive kick in the face. Life can be really really tough but having strength and a positive mindset can help in the way that we deal with things. Although it may not seem it at the time, often in hindsight you can look back and wonder how on earth you managed to deal with something. But you did it and you came out the other side, a stronger more resilient person, even if in a small way.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble, but I do hope you can understand my point.

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