Wax on wax off

Just because many people will avoid mentioning this, I’m going to be a rebel 😂

So today I’m going to discuss another age-related problem. This is one for the ladies, sorry I know I do have some guys who read my blog, but this is probably irrelevant to you, although you never know! Today we are going to talk facial hair.

The type where if you stand near a window and it’s a sunny day, you would give Father Christmas a run for his money. Everybody has some hair on their face, the thing is for a man it is completely acceptable and even manly. Unfortunately for us girls we don’t want to be manly. From a young age we have fine downy hair on our face but as we get slightly older hormones and other health conditions can cause hair on the face to be more noticeable than we would like. We are in good company, apparently Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe used to shave their faces.

To be honest I don’t really feel like I have more of a problem than the average person but personally it is something that makes me feel a little self conscious. I used to use those little facial wax strips, do you know the ones I mean? You warm it in your hands, press against your skin and then gently peel rip it off, it takes a bit of fluff off with it and you’re good to go. The thing is due to hormones depleting, that facial hair unfortunately grows back. Tweezers are your friend here too for the occasionally spiky one that pokes through. Personally I haven’t wanted to actually have to start shaving, although I know women who do, because I don’t want that 5 o’clock shadow and quite frankly can’t be bothered. I want something that’s gonna get rid of it all, full stop.

Now I looked into those IPL machines, you can buy them now for personal use, but in my research I found out that this only works on black hairs if you have quite fair skin. If you are fair skinned and dark haired then this is great but if you are fair haired this is not gong to work. Also I hate to be the bearer of bad news but some of those little bad boys that sprout through have no pigment at all so are completely white. These are the thicker little strands that are a PITA to pluck as well.

So I thought I’d go to a beautician for a full face wax just to admonish the slight downy hair that noticed a little bit too much when I looked in the mirror. I was quite scared when she suggested doing the hair around my eyebrows – a friend of mine decided ‘kindly’ that my eyebrows were too thick in the 80s, when I guess it was cool to have thin eyebrows. If my eyebrows had been left to their own devices I would be there with the best of them and those who spend loads on microblading and brow bars. The trouble is since this extreme plucking they have never been the same since. Therefore having someone anywhere near my already diminished eyebrows was extremely scary. Other than that though I was actually quite pleased with the results. My face was so smooth – kind of a little too smooth, a bit like plastic, it felt quite weird putting makeup on with a brush, if you know what I mean. But I was pleased overall and this lasted about a month.

The next time I went, there was a different lady ‘servicing’ if that’s the right word! Actually that sounds a bit wrong but I know what I mean. She seemed very efficient, she even put a hairband round my head to keep my (head) hair out the way. So I assumed she was either going to be very through, either that or she was going to be very clumsy. Alarm bells rang very faintly. I was tempted to draw a big oval around my eyebrows and write NO WAX BEYOND THIS POINT but took her guidance and left her to it. Good grief she absolutely ripped out every single tiny bit of fluff from my face, it was smoother than a baby, she even stripped it from my neck which I didn’t even realise I had! Anyway I looked in the mirror to check and put it this way, had I been wearing bright red lipstick, you wouldn’t have noticed my mouth. My face was red, hot Ferrari red and it felt as hot as it looked. She said it would only last about ten minutes so I darted to my car, covering my face like a film-star, opened my car window for the journey and returned home. Only the redness didn’t disappear in ten minutes, in fact no exaggeration there were still big red blotches two days later! I had to wear loads of make up to cover it up and just hoped nobody would notice as that would take a bit of explaining. In hindsight I think the wax was probably too hot and burned my face. She also can’t have done it very carefully as hair was noticeable again within a week so I guess she snapped it off rather than pulling it from the roots. Anyway this made me decide not to ever go for waxing again, personally it’s just not for me.

A few weeks ago when I was doing an online shop I noticed a little gadget which sounded promising – a facial spa which also had a mini epilator. Now I have never used an epilator before but desperate times mean desperate measures and it was half price so I ordered myself one. I do not think it’s really a luxury, more of an essential commodity.

I was expecting it to hurt as apparently it rips the hairs out from the roots, but actually it wasn’t too bad. I was hoping that my face would be completely smooth for weeks on end and actually although it doesn’t last weeks and weeks, the effect is pretty good. Better than that there are no side effects, no red marks, no burnt skin and it’s a good feeling being completely in control.

So overall if you do decide you want to get rid of those little downy hairs on your face, I would recommend that if you get your face waxed, be extremely careful that your beautician isn’t too much of a ‘make the wax too hot to touch’ kind of girl. I would recommend a facial epilator as this is so quick and easy to use and you can use it as often as you like, with no cost other than the initial outlay.

I don’t know, the things we have to do!


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