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Hello lovely, thank you so much for taking the time to read, this is my first post that I have written especially for my Midlife Musings category – how happy this makes me! Now you probably think this is a bit of a weird title and chances are you might have no idea whatsoever what I am on about, but if this sounds familiar to you, please do read on. I have a bit of a theory here that I would love to share with you. The subject we’re talking about is an age-related problem and here we are, my humble explanation.

I need to give a little background information first – Most of us will start to notice deterioration in our eyesight once we hit our mid-forties. To define this a little better, you will probably notice that you are finding it a teeny bit harder to read that ridiculously small writing that manufacturers insist on putting on packets, tins, boxes and, ironically, anti-ageing lotions and potions etc. When it comes to sample sized cosmetics etc it’s time to admit defeat – there is no chance.

Long sightedness can affect anybody but let’s get technical, what I’m talking about in this case is a condition called Presbyopia – no I didn’t know that either, I had to look it up – it is age-related and means that your eye sight changes as you get older, it can affect people from about the age of forty, even if they had perfect vision before and means you can see things further away quite clearly but things close up are fuzzy or blurry. TBH is is pretty damn annoying and frustrating. You can find out more about it on the NHS website Here

I have a confession, which you may or may not find amusing, either that or you’ll think I’m silly, until a few years ago I kept moving that previously mentioned teeny writing and whatever container it was on, closer to my eyes so I could read it and then getting ended up completely baffled because it just looked like a blur of shapes. Now if you use your noddle a bit then you can get pretty good at deciphering these blurry shapes and working out what words they are meant to represent. Usually. It doesn’t always work though. Our brains are pretty well adapted to working things out logically so you can even work out key words by their shape and guess the ones in between! This isn’t the best way to live your life though…

Well anyway in conversation one day my sister told me something revolutionary! Hold the box further away. Well bloody hell this was miraculous! So for a while longer I was able to hold packets further away and work out what they said. Yay! Eventually though my arms just couldn’t stretch any further so I had to give up, admit defeat and get myself a pair of reading glasses and what a game changer they are! I think it was probably about the age of forty five that I got my first glasses, unfortunately the last time I went to the optician my eyesight had deteriorated more so the ones I’ve got are stronger but that’s ok because I can read minuscule print now, when necessary! if you need to read something designed for the Borrowers then I’m your girl! just don’t ask me to walk around the room in them! I was a little concerned (actually I was quite a lot concerned) that if my eyesight continues to deteriorate at this rate proportionately then I could be actually blind by the age of 60 but thankfully the lovely optometrist told me that generally your vision goes downhill until about the age of 55 then that will be as bad as it gets. Phew, hope so…

One piece of advice I would give you is this, even if, like me, you think glasses don’t suit you, you still need to get those peepers checked out. Times have changed from those National Health glasses of the 70s – pink for girls and blue for boys – you can get some pretty cool designer specs nowadays. Some places offer buy one get one free too and you really don’t need to spend a fortune. Not wearing glasses when you need them makes you screw up your eyes trying to read and adds more crinkles, we need all the help we can get here girls, let’s not add to the problem. So take the guess work out of going out for dinner and get yourself some glasses!

Anyway back to my theory I was talking about earlier – as we get older, joy of all joys, we get wrinkles and crinkles, our faces sag, we sprout extra hairs where we certainly didn’t get them before, our noses and ears get bigger – yes really!! Wonderful hormones hey? BUT now for the good news – the silver lining in that cloud of ageing and bad eyesight! Mother Nature has in fact been very kind to us, sort of, because as our eyesight deteriorates we have a beautiful blurred view of our faces, it’s a bit like it’s own built-in filter, so just don’t examine your face with those reading specs on!


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