Getting in the Christmas Spirit

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Getting in the Christmas spirit – and NO I don’t mean pouring myself a gin and tonic, actually I think I must be the only person in the whole of the U.K. who doesn’t like gin. There I said it, sorry I don’t like gin. I think it’s disgusting. I think my hatred of gin started when at the age of about fifteen a friend and I tried gin in our cans of coke. Unfortunately for me it just sat within the rim and my mouthful was just neat gin, so since that day it’s been no thank you. I wish I did like it because there seems to be lots of different ones but still…

It’s taken me a while to get into the spirit of Christmas this year. I’m not really sure why but I just haven’t felt very Christmassy and so haven’t felt very enthusiastic about any of it. Personally I feel that it’s different because my kids are grown up now, perhaps that’s what it is… I used to love getting into the whole Christmas thing with them when they were little, decorating the tree together, buying them presents and loving watching them opening them, doing their Christmas stockings, visiting Father Christmas, leaving out a mince pie and a carrot on Christmas Eve, sprinkling cotton wall balls (I know!) around overnight so it would look exciting for them Christmas morning and everything else that goes with the magic and joy of Christmas for little children. When they are older and less enthusiastic it’s not quite the same…

Also this year my eldest has actually left home now which is fantastic for him buying his own flat and I am so so proud that he has managed to achieve this! We are not hosting Christmas this year either so that’s a bit weird I guess, I do actually love preparing the Christmas dinner and serving food that I know has been prepared with love – sorry that sounds corny but it’s true – and I think that makes it taste nicer too.

Don’t get me wrong I do love the whole Christmas experience. I love spending time with family and I really enjoy giving gifts to people but I still haven’t felt very Christmassy and it’s getting pretty close. So in order to inject a bit of Christmas spirit into the Fiona zone I decided to watch a Christmas film on Sunday evening, Wow I watched Elf and I had never seen it before. How have I managed to not see this film, it was brilliant!! I loved it, so that helped. We also put up the Christmas tree and I decorated it yesterday. We bought an artificial tree about three years ago in the after Christmas sale, we managed to get a pretty good bargain and it’s a decent tree, it’s seven feet tall yet fairly narrow so doesn’t take up too much room in our limited space living room, win win! Also, I don’t know about you, but although real trees are lovely and smell nice and all that, but ethically it’s got to be better to go for a fake one hasn’t it? Cutting down a living tree just so I can have it in my living room for a couple of weeks seems mean when I think about it that way. Also all the pine needles drop all over the carpet and will just be annoying!

So – hooray – a little late I know as it’s literally one week to go, but finally I have my tree up, I wrote and posted my cards yesterday, I have bought most of my presents and it’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas!

Can anyone beat the age of these homemade decorations? My lovely boys made them at playgroup or nursery and as they are now twenty five and twenty eight, that makes the decorations about 22-25 years old. Daniel made the Christmas stocking and Jamie made the Christmas tree – cute eh?! I ALWAYS put them on the tree (even if they’re not in the most prominent position 😉)



  1. My mum and I were talking yesterday at how difficult it can be to get used to new family Christmases, I left home 15 years ago and we have changed and adapted what we do and now we’re uses to it, but, my sister is adopting so next year, and moving forward the festive season will be different again.

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