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I’ve been thinking recently that I want to add something extra to my blog, I’ve been exploring the possibilities and you know what they say – a change is as good as a rest!

I’ve also been contemplating the fact that I’ve recently been upping my game a bit with my skincare and makeup, I won’t lie, it’s because I think I need to!!

I’m also becoming increasingly more conscious of the fact that now I’m 50, some things have changed. Well actually things didn’t just all immediately change on my 50th birthday, but gradually I guess over the last few years. I certainly didn’t look in the mirror on my 50th and think, “Wait, what, who the crap are you?”

So as none of us possess the ability to turn back the clock, unless you are a Marty McFly or Dr Who, for those of us who have to try that little bit harder or may come across problems they didn’t encounter in their twenties, I’m going to try and help us out a little bit here.

To be honest in general I don’t think we’re doing badly at all. In this day and age we are so fortunate that many diseases are now extinct, there are cures for illnesses that you would have died from 100 years ago. We have products for almost everything beauty related and I think as a whole we all look a lot younger than our ancestors did at our age, if they managed to survive that long.

So as an astute mathematician, er hum, I’ve added those facts together and came up with this little idea.

I’ve decided that as well as my usual chitchat, I’m going to write some posts about health, self care, skin care, makeup, haircare etc for the ladies amongst us who are perhaps just popping out of that category where we are lucky enough to not need much help and flitting into that category where we’re clutching at anything we can. No I know that’s a complete exaggeration and actually I can’t generalise. There are some gobsmackingly beautiful and stunning women with wondrous hair, glowing skin and who look amazing at all ages out there. I know and you know that external beauty and having pretty hair etc is not the most important thing in the world and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The heart and soul of a person is what defines them. On a kind of par with this though is the fact that sometimes if we look ok on the outside it can influence how we feel about ourself on the inside. It doesn’t affect our personality but it can affect how we feel about ourself. It can affect our self esteem which can in turn affect our happiness. I know it shouldn’t – really – but in reality I feel it does. Probably not everyone, but from a personal point of view I know that if I went out and hadn’t brushed my hair or if I didn’t have any makeup on it would make me feel like shit. Perhaps that’s just me…

Soooo I’ve decided I’m going to write about things I’ve found out and perhaps some things I wish I’d known before. My new topic is going to be called midlife musings. I think it will be useful and hopefully beneficial to others who might be at this stage in their life, although looking online about what constitutes midlife, I found it can range anywhere from about thirty five, but I think of it as probably between the ages of about 40 to 70 ish. Actually I was going to say 60 or 65 but there’s no way I would call someone over the age of 60 old!! Wow there’s another kettle of fish to open – at what age would you consider someone old? Hey now I’ve briefly gone into overthink mode…maybe if you divide the average age expectancy into thirds – young life, mid life and old life, we’d be talking 0-30 young, 30-60 mid and 60-90 old. No! I’m not going there, think I’ll stick to my original thoughts…

There’s a possibility that some of my content won’t be relevant to a lot of my readers but I’d like to hope that it will be useful information I’m going to convey, so perhaps forewarned is fore-armed and all that! I’m not going to neglect my usual topics of conversation so please don’t abandon me, this is going to be a little extra interest for me to indulge myself with.

So on my main headings you will see Midlife Musings which you can click on and read what I’ve moved into that category. (I’ve stuck my poetry in there too for now!)

I’ve had a bit of a rejig (not sure that’s a word) with my blog and also added a new tab called Tea in the Garden. In here you will find all sorts – my thoughts on life and other things, a bit of nostalgia – perhaps the type of thing we might chat about if we were enjoying a cup of tea in the garden together.

I’m quite excited about this new thought of mine and have some ideas in my head already about the sort of things I’d like to write about!

Looking forward to writing again soon, until then, take care of yourself xx

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