The Pride of Britain Awards

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Did you watch the Pride of Britain Awards this week? If you didn’t and you want something that’s going to give you that feel good factor, you definitely need to try and watch it on catch up. What a beautiful programme this is. Everything it is and everything it stands for.

I love watching the Pride of Britain awards. This programme celebrates those kind hearted souls that just care so deeply about others that they selflessly do what they can to help others, often without a second thought.

Here are a few of the people whose courage, compassion and just downright caring and thoughtful behaviour warranted them a Pride of Britain award.

A gentle, kind lady who spent her own pension money on buying and cooking food for homeless people. Let’s face it a pension isn’t exactly a lottery win, yet she did this without question. She shows genuine compassion for all the people she looks after too and you could tell they had such a respect for her, as she did for them.

A little girl who was desperately ill for most of her life, eventually received the successful kidney transplant that she needed and then wanted to make a get well card for everyone else in the hospital – over 200 of them?

The young teen who risked his own life to swim in rough sea to rescue his dad, showing extraordinary strength and bravery.

The young man who had suffered at the hands of knife crime, lost friends through this despicable act, decided to move away from it and help and educate others affected by it.

Ten year old Max who needed a heart transplant and had to wait for a little girl to lose her life in order that he could sustain his. He saw other young lives lost while waiting for transplants so went on a mission to get more people to join the donor register. He was successful, it went to parliament and from 2020 people will have to opt out of being on the organ donor register, rather than opting in. Ten years old!

The selfless men who rescued the Wild Boars football team from the cave in Thailand. Those poor boys and their coach were trapped in caves for sixteen days. Imagine how terrified they must have been, not knowing how long they would be there for, or in fact if they would ever be rescued. One of the rescuers said it was a privilege to be a part of the rescue operation. Imagine through the bravery how scared those rescuers must have been. They cared so much for the outcome and safety of the people they were rescuing. What a moving moment for them all to be reunited. The boys gave their rescuers a card and gifts and were humbly thankful.

Young fundraiser of the year went to an eight year old lad from Scotland. He wanted to help people like his mum because she had cancer. What an ordeal for anyone to go through and have to deal with, yet he decided to climb a massive structure and raised £30,000. What a brave little star. His older brother decided he also wants to challenge himself and raise money too. Tragically they lost their mum to cancer, yet what a legacy to her that her boys are so caring and brave.

Some members of the Royal Air Force came to collect their well-deserved award to them, there was also amazingly a ninety six year old man who was in the Battle of Britain. Yet more genuine heroes.

A fire and rescue crew who had to deal with a horrific car accident where a man became trapped in his car and impaled by railings. To cut a long story short they did what they needed to do to save his life, despite it being a highly traumatic ordeal for them too.

Emma set up a charity following a personal devastating tragedy when her young farmer husband took his own life. She set up DPJ foundation for mental health training and outreach and counselling to help those who might be struggling in the way her late husband was, so she could save and help others.

The lifetime achievement award was given to a lovely elderly gentleman, Eddie, who suffered so much loss in his life. He started to raise money for leukaemia research following the loss of his young son from the disease. Dreadfully, he also lost his daughter to cancer, yet continued his fundraising to help others. He raised so much and helped fund so many research projects. To see some young children saying thank you to him because they possibly wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for him was truly humbling. He raised £230 Million for cancer charities! It’s beyond thinking really isn’t it? A standing ovation for an extraordinary hero.

Seriously some people are just so selfless, thoughtful and genuinely put others before themselves. What truly beautiful people there are in the world, not just in Britain.

What a heartwarming, uplifting, humbling awards ceremony.

I’m so glad they made the decision to air it to the nation every year. They truly are the Pride of Britain.

There is so so much we can all learn from these wonderfully courageous caring people and I for one wish I could be at least a little bit more like that.

It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy and like I’d been engulfed in the biggest hug. It also made me think that although there is a lot of negativity in the world – WOW in comparison there is so much more positivity and love and beautiful compassionate people. Let’s make sure that we embrace that and become a part of it. Psst pass it on…

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