Oh hi November!

I was going to start this with, “Oh hi November, where did you spring from?” Then “where did you fall from?” But thought it a bit silly so…

Wow unbelievably November is here already, I don’t know about you but so far, this year seems to have flown by!

I read this today and thought it was lovely, so thought I’d share:

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

Stanley Horowitz, author.

So October bought us Halloween and all it’s associated stuff. Personally I’m not a big fan of Halloween. Is that bad of me to say so? As I child I never went trick or treating because I wasn’t allowed to and I didn’t take my children trick or treating either. I know lots of people think it’s fun and really get into it, but being quite shy I guess I would have felt uncomfortable knocking on a strangers door expecting them to give out sweets or treats. Also I don’t really like it when people are in costume and you can’t see their face. Am I unusual in that? (Or just a bit weird, hmm…)

The last week or so of October I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a downward spiral so I’m looking up from now on! So November is going to be Move-mber (see what I  did there?) I’m going to dust off the Wii fit, err get some batteries for it and get back into a bit of flying, skiing, majoretting and hula hooping!

Anyway, so what else has November got in store? Well I MUST try and get at least a couple of Christmas presents in November this year. Seriously, every year and I mean EVERY, I tell myself I’m going to get a bit ready for Christmas earlier than December, whether it be getting my cards or buying some presents. And every year I leave it til December. How stupid! It’s not like Christmas is some huge surprise every year and you never know what day it’s going to fall on. I don’t know why I leave some things so late, it’s daft isn’t it. I always have to rush to write my cards and get them posted on time! And I always say “next year…” then the next year I say the same, repeat repeat repeat, get the picture?

So maybe this year as I’m working a different work pattern and have days off during the week sometimes, I actually might be able to get a little organised and prepared. I nearly bought some cards today in the supermarket but I couldn’t decide which ones to get. Maybe that’s my problem…

Yes delving into it, that’s probably my issue isn’t it? Indecisiveness and overthinking, back to that old chestnut again!!


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I’m Fiona, a UK blogger trying to live a positive life. I love cats, dogs, animals, cooking, flowers and pretty things, in no particular order. I have lots of time for nice people and I’d love to help you have a positive outlook. I write about my experiences, lifestyle, and sometimes just random thoughts.

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