September – my hopes and dreams

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Well it’s here…September that is…the summer holidays are over, kids are back to school this week, the weather is definitely slightly cooler (only slightly thankfully) and the days have definitely got shorter, it feels like it’s happened all of a sudden but I’m sure it was gradual. I went swimming yesterday and when I went out into the car park at half eight, it was dark – actually dark!

So what are you planning for September?  One aim for me is to learn more in my new job – no surprises there!

Later on in the month it’s my oldest sons birthday, he’s going to be 28, that feels quite scary for me, I definitely don’t feel old enough to have a 28 year old child!  Well I say child, but you know! I’m hoping he might be able to afford to get a bit more sorted with his flat. He bought it in May but hasn’t actually moved in yet, he has been spending the time painting it and making it the home that he wants. He’s got great taste in interior design and has done the walls in a gorgeous grey colour, it’s looking fab! He does have the advantage of still living at home so doesn’t actually have to move out, which I guess puts him in quite a fortunate position. He would like to get new carpet throughout before he moves in which is really sensible, but that’s extra expenditure.  Anyway I hope we’ll get a bit further forward this month. It’s quite a weird feeling as your children grow into adults. I feel immensely  proud of both my sons and how they have grown up, especially since they weren’t exactly privileged as children. I feel sad sometimes that I wasn’t able to give them many extravagant things, lavish holidays or treats that many other kids may have taken for granted. But it is what it is and what happens now is the most important thing!

I’d love to find out how to get more views on my blog somehow, although is that really important? I don’t know that it is really, if we get down to the nitty gritty.  I’m so grateful to everyone who reads my blog so although it would be nice to attract more people, no it doesn’t matter, not really…

I would love to rustle up the motivation from somewhere to lose some weight. I’m silly really because a couple of years ago I lost over two stone but then I was forced to stop running because of an injury.  I was also unable to do aerobics or any exercise involving impact, and lost my motivation, so unfortunately put all the weight back on again. Maybe writing it down here will help my will power. What I really need is someone to scream at me every time I go to eat chocolate, but in reality that’s not going to happen! So we shall see…

What are your hopes for September?


  1. That’s really great that your son has established him so well with a flat already. Good on him. And can’t go wrong with grey paint, it’s a good colour.

    As for views, the do matter somewhat, ’cause it means people are reading. If you have more than one view then it’s just a matter of small increments each month or week or day. You get good comment engagement. That’s more important.

    September for me? Look at what I want in life for the next 12 months. Father’s day here recently gets me doing that process. Exceed last month’s numbers on the blog. And create a really compelling and pivitol piece of content.

    Nice article Fiona 🤓 Ivan

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    1. Thanks Ivan, I’m proud of him too, well I’m proud of them both 🙂 I know views are important, I just look too much into things sometimes lol. I’m so grateful to people who do read and take time to comment and let me know what they think, that’s the best thing! Your goals are great, funny how Father’s Day is on different days in different countries, I hadn’t realised that…good luck with reaching yours, that’s exciting looking at creating a really compelling piece of content when your writing is great already! 😀

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  2. Ohhh, I definitely need someone to follow me around and shout at me when I reach for the unhealthy treats, too! 😂 Hope September is a good month for you, Fiona!

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  3. Lovely little read Fiona! You definitely do not look old enough to have a 28 year old, that’s for sure! I think September looks good for you and I hope you achieve everything you want. I too am hoping to get more
    Views on my blogs, it’s one of those things that isn’t really important but at the same time kind of is!

    Wishing you the best!

    Ashleigh x


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