August Round-Up

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WOWEE I can’t believe it’s September already! August flew past didn’t it? And what a lovely August it was too, we had such beautiful weather didn’t we?

So let’s have a think about what I did in August, well my main goals were to settle into my new job and to get the front door painted! Oh and go to Pilates and swim a bit more but shhh we’ll keep quiet about that.

Well I’ve done two weeks in my new job but it feels like I’ve been there longer than that – in a good way. I’ve learnt sooo much and new things I’ve done that I’ve never done before are: write a blog post for the website 😀 cash up tills and balance the books, taken bookings and deposits for experiences, served people in a shop, answered emails and telephone enquiries without having to check with other people first, created some signs on Canva (I’m so glad I explored that a bit as I was able to just get on with it without having to ask how to use it! I wrote a little tutorial about using Canva which you can find the link for in the list below) at work I also investigated Excel a bit, ooh loads more… not bad for two weeks eh? Also, which is so important, I’ve spoken to quite a lot of people that I haven’t met before and the staff have been so welcoming 😊There is an awful lot more to learn, but I feel that was a good start.

I (well, we) managed to get that front door sorted out, which I am so pleased about, especially as a couple of people have said how nice it looks and that it looks like a new door (even the lovely delivery driver who delivers our Amazon stuff!)

Oh I met my sister’s kittens that she is fostering, I don’t know how I haven’t seen them before,  oh my – they are sooo adorable. They were filmed a couple of weeks ago for a TV programme so it will be exciting to see them on tv! Here’s a few photos, how gorgeous are they?! If I could have got away with it I would have smuggled them home with me 😍


I wrote a  few posts which you may have missed so I’ll link to them here, if you want to have a little lookee 🙂

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Front door hack

How to create a Twitter post using Canva

Choosing a new career path

Well I hope you fancy reading something from my list, I love knowing that someone has read something I’ve written!

For now, it’s Sunday 2nd September 12.30pm and it is such a glorious day! I’m going to go out in the garden as we have a couple of yellow Buddleias to plant, they’re pretty unusual as they are usually purple and are known as the butterfly bush so hopefully will attract loads of beautiful butterflies into the garden 🦋

So until next time, have a wonderful week,



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