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Health and Wellness are really important to me and if I find things out that I feel will benefit others and promote well being, I really want to share the information with as many of you as possible. I was kindly invited to Leightons Opticians branch in Epsom, Surrey, to have their Ultimate eye test  which includes retinal photography and an OCT scan and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


It is recommended that you get your eyes tested every two years unless you have certain health conditions, in which case you should have them tested even more frequently. My last test was over two years ago so I definitely needed to go.

I have worn glasses for reading for about five years, but to find out whether or not you need glasses is not the only reason you should go for an eye test regularly. Eye tests are an important part of your eye health care as well.

Certain tests can pick up on changes that can indicate health problems, as well as problems with your eyes.

When I arrived at Leightons I was quite impressed with the clean, calm, look of the interior and I was greeted by friendly, welcoming staff. I took a seat in the comfortable waiting area and waited to be seen.


I had quite a few different tests done while I was at Leightons.

One of the tests undertaken during the eye test, is an OCT, if you’re like me and you like to know what abbreviations stand for – it’s Optical Coherence Tomographer – this is like  an ultrasound scan for the eye. It looks beyond the retinal surface into the tissue behind. For this reason it can detect abnormalities up to five years before a traditional test. It can spot the early signs of age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension. Some of these conditions are more easily treated if they are caught early so I think it is a really good idea to take advantage of a test like this, even if it’s for your own peace of mind.  For this scan I just had to put my chin on a rest and then focus on a red cross within the machine. It didn’t take long, I wasn’t uncomfortable and it didn’t hurt.

I had an Optomap  which is an optional extra with additional cost. This is fascinating and gives a detailed image of your retina, this can detect abnormalities similar to the OCT but also any tears, holes or detachment of the retina.  I then went into a different room and had a peripheral vision test. This is where they check the range of what you can see. I had to focus on a central light and then every time I saw a little light flash in a different place I had to press a button.

I went into another room with an optometrist and she asked me quite a few questions about my eyes, medical history and lifestyle.  She  tested the pressure in each eye with a little gadget that puffed air into them and then did a really thorough inspection of each eye, while shining a light in and getting me to look up, down, sideways etc. This was interesting because I could see a reflection of all the tiny blood vessels in my eyes while she was doing this.

I then had to look through some lenses and read out some letters from a screen on the wall determining which lenses made the letters clearer and more focused.

After all the tests were completed the optometrist took the time to thoroughly explain the results of my tests and what she would recommend for me glasses-wise.

Thankfully she said my eyes were healthy but there was one area on a graph, for one of my eyes, where the line was a little lower than it should have been so she recommended that I go back and have the scan repeated in six months time to see if there are any changes. This scan would cost me £30.

I went out into the main shop area to get my prescription and have a look at their range of glasses. Now I’m quite unfortunate that I find it difficult to find glasses that suit me, plus you should all know by now how indecisive I am! So this is going to be a mission in itself – choosing glasses! Luckily for me, the lovely man, who said he was relief/supply for all branches, was really honest about what suited me and what didn’t! He also shook his head at glasses made me look about ninety!! There was no pressure put on me to choose a pair and he even suggested taking photos of me wearing different styles and then looking at the photos at home to help me choose – which I thought was a perfect idea!


Having hand mirrors around is a nice touch and the staff member suggested standing by the huge windows to look at myself in different lighting.

I was made to feel comfortable while I was trying on the thousands (it felt like) of glasses on display.  I couldn’t  make a decision and there was no feeling of anyone rushing me at all, which was good as far as I was concerned.

So unsurprisingly I didn’t choose a pair there and then, but I came away with my prescription and knowledge that, thankfully, my eyes are in good health.

If you want to find out more about Leightons, you can look at their website here.

I would like to thank Polly of 3 white hats, for inviting me to have my eye test at Leightons, free of charge for an honest review. 

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