How Important Are Followers?

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Well there’s a debate before I even start talking.

How important are our followers? Do you think followers are important? How important do you think it is to have a huge following on social media?

Now there are different ways of looking at those questions. This is really just me having a little chat about it in my head and writing it down as I think, but I’d love to share with you. Please read on and join in if you’d like to.

There is a lot of discussion on social media about followers. People often post things like “help me reach 500 followers by tomorrow” or “help me get to 1000 followers.” But why? If you have 500 followers, is it going to make you more important than someone who has 499 followers? The answer is no, of course not.

I know how exciting it is to get new followers! I love it when I see that someone new has followed me! I do sometimes question why certain people follow me on social media though. An example recently was some guy who tagged quite a few of us firstly asking for details of memorable dates (as in relationship dates) and then posted some article that he wanted us to look at, about women’s anatomy with diagrams, what a weirdo! So clearly not all our followers are important from that perspective.

Follow trains can give split opinions too.  Personally I think follow trains are a fantastic way of finding new people that you may not have come across otherwise. They are a way for bloggers to put themselves out there rather than just promoting themselves randomly on Twitter/FB or whatever. They are an opportunity to meet and interact with new people. On the flip side some people might just put their name on all the follow trains going and not set eyes on anyone else’s blog. That isn’t what they are supposed  to be about.

I discovered recently that people actually buy followers. I think sometimes I must walk round in a little bubble of naivety because I genuinely didn’t realise that people would be able to buy followers, let alone want to. Please tell me what the point of that would be, unless it is to make you look really popular and successful to other people. In your heart you would know that they are bought followers though so that wouldn’t really do much for you or your self-esteem would it? It would just make other people think you are popular.

Delving into that concept, what would genuinely be achieved by other people thinking you are popular? Really think about it…

I also found out off someone the other day that there is such a thing as ‘social bots’ – these are computer generated followers that are there to make someone look popular and successful. Now, again, I personally don’t understand because these aren’t even real followers.

People play the “follow/unfollow” game to to gain followers on social media. They follow you to get you to follow them back and as soon as you follow them back, they unfollow you. What on earth is the point of that? Well we know what it is, it’s because they are a member of the “get as many followers as you can”club.

See I told you this was going to be a bit of a debate, even if at the moment it’s just bouncing around in my head.

I absolutely appreciate that for some it is really important to have lots of followers because it may be their business or livelihood that they are trying to promote. If you are a blogger and are doing it as a job then of course it is vital to get as many followers as you can because you will get more opportunities and brand requests. I know some companies will only consider bloggers with a certain amount of followers.

There are Twitter accounts where people have statements in their bio like “follow for a follow.” Am I missing something here because I don’t understand why people would do that? That is a genuine question, I really don’t understand it. This feels like people just want someone to follow them for the sake of an extra follower, does that make sense?

I’ll admit that when I first started my blog and then looked on Twitter to see if there were any other bloggers on there, I saw a couple of people with lovely blogs who had over 5000 followers, and I was really impressed by this! I liked their content so I followed them too! But do you know what, even though they had that many followers, they didn’t interact with everyone who followed them and I know that because I paid people compliments on things they had written or commented on things they had said and got nothing back.

An important way of looking at the question – “are followers important?” Is thinking about the actual followers, not the numbers – the people. People are the most important thing on social media: human beings who you can interact with, talk to, have a laugh with, sound off to, share photos with.

So from that point of view, followers are extremely important. Now this might sound a bit contradictory after my comments in the first few paragraphs. Please let me explain.

Our real followers are what give us a sense of purpose. Our real followers give us happiness and encouragement.

As a blogger, my followers are really important to me. I would like to hope that the people who follow me, do so because they like to read at least some of what I write. I hope these people like some of my photos on Instagram. Mostly though I hope the people who follow me do so because they think I’m a nice person and want to interact with me or because I might post things that make people happy or help them in some way, or something I say might make someone’s life a little bit better in some small way, even if it means thinking about something slightly differently.  It might simply be that they are other bloggers and are just genuinely being supportive,  For whatever reason people support me, I truly do appreciate it.

It works both ways. I follow people who say things that I am interested in, have lovely blogs, are funny, post nice photos, have good opinions, are interesting, share my point of views on things, maybe people I admire from the TV or love their music or people who simply just come across as genuinely lovely people.  I also like to support  others.  Personally I think that’s what it should all be about. This way I get to look at some of these ‘followees’ posts in my feed. Am I right in calling people I follow, followees? There’s probably a better collective name for them!

Gosh I can really waffle on sometimes, can’t I?

Importantly I’m trying to say and I truly hope the message that comes across in this post, is that followers are important – as people – but just trying to get a high number of followers, just for the sake of it, isn’t important. So if you have 65 000 followers but half of them are ‘bot followers’ or bought followers, that won’t give you a deep down genuine sense of happiness.

However if you have for example 120 followers and they are lovely people who like what you post and want to interact with you, surely that is the most important and gratifying thing.


  1. I have to say I agree with you Fiona! Totally don’t understand the bought or bot followers, and as for the follow/unfollow people, we’ll thwy can all just do one and go annoy some other loser! Although I have tweeted a few times about my follower numbers, it’s out of genuine excitement that that many people actually WANT to follow me, and I’ve always said it’s bit the amount of followers that matter, it’s the quality of those followers. It may be slightly different for me as some of my followers are now my customers too, but with regards to my blog I want people to follow me because they genuinely enjoy my content!
    Well, it appears I can also waffle but I hope it’s made sense!
    ❤️ Xx

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    1. 💕Thanks Steff that makes perfect sense! That’s exactly it!! And I’m glad you understood what I was trying to get across too, I was a bit scared about posting that in case some people might take it the wrong way but phew it must be ok 😀I don’t think it’s different that some of your followers are customers too – they are following you because they are interested in you and your service/product so that’s a genuine reason for following … I think the best of us are waffles er I mean wafflers 😂😂xx


  2. I agree with this Fiona. When I firdt started my blog, I was so eager to have as much followers as I can get, I really didn’t care about communication at all, but over time, I enjoyed the talents of the bloggers and writers, I started reading and talking to the people I follow and my followers, when I reach the 1000 followers, I started featuring blogs of newbie and upcoming bloggers, I made sure that having many followers, I am able to help other bloggers to be acknowledged, just a little boost for them.

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    1. Thank you! Wow that’s made me think about when I first started my blog 7mths ago, I was so amazed that people took the time to read and comment on my blog, it made me so happy and even more so when some people followed me 🙂 so that’s a lovely thing to feature new and upcoming bloggers. It’s lovely to give encouragement to new bloggers and compliment them on their posts, especially remembering how great it feels 😀

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  3. I agree with you, it’s more the people that are followers than the actual follower count. I recently tweeted out, let’s see if I can get to 500 followers today. But I used hashtags relevant to my blog to attract potential followers that would genuinely enjoy my content that may not have seen it before. I’ve tried those follow trains, but most are just random people trying to get a higher number of followers. So silly and not worth my time. Definitely more about quality than quantity!

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  4. Hi, completely get that having an established following can make you look more credible but I always look for interaction. I have a growing following ok my social media, and a lot more followers on my blog, who bizarrely like to communicate by email. Most will interact online. However, I would to make genuine connections with people.

    Working for a brand by day, this is what I look for too when working with bloggers. You want to know their readership will be engaged and wanting to know more, rather than the potential audience that may see it.

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  5. I’m too lazy to follow then unfollow. I’ll follow a Facebook page but I think the problem is it swamps your fb feed if you follow lots of fb pages leading people to unfollow. A separate account would be better but still essentially false follows. You don’t gain anything in the long run. Gaining core readers through engagement is more satisfying.

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  6. The number of followers is about the least important metric. I’m happy when I know people have actually read my blog and like or, better, comment. I’m not goi g to engage in some sort of popularity contest for any reason. I do what I do and write what I write because it pleases me and hopefully others will find it interesting.

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  7. You two are amateurs when it comes to waffling!! It’s my nicest quality lol. I don’t think it’s important to have a huge following but I think it’s huge to make my followers feel important. I acknowledge all comments and honestly, that interaction is my very favourite bit of bloggery!

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  8. I too don’t get the reason for follow and unfollow. I mean people can reach any hieghts to have more and more followers. Isn’t it? And why do people follow if they don’t have to read. Haha. What’s the point. Well, I liked your catty pic. Hahaha. I love this post. Keep it up.

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  9. Great post Fiona and I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I follow accounts I like and I hope those who follow me like my content but following just to get a follow back is something I will never understand.

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  10. Absolutely agree – its the communication, sense of community and camaraderie that counts! (Can you tell love alliteration? 😉 I too don’t understand the follow – wait for them to follow and then unfollow. It may be bots doing it but why? Most companies can see if you have bought followers nowadays and most of us have apps that show us unfollowers so what’s the point? Would be great to get the answer from someone but doubt they’d be reading a blog!
    Lovely to come across your blog Fiona – I too love all things pretty. I have three sons so not much time for ‘pretty’ when they were growing up! I’m making up for it now!
    Oh, and it seems I can join the ‘waffle club’ too!;)
    Michelle x


  11. Hi Fiona, I agree with you 100%. I only consider participating in follow threads when they help me get to a group of folks who I’m genuinely interested in getting to know – like other bloggers. If I like what the write, I continue to follow them; if I don’t find their content interesting or of good quality, I stop following them. As a result, I follow quite a few people who don’t follow me back, and there are some people who follow me that I don’t follow back. I hope that because of that approach my following is growing slowly but steadily with “true followers”. It’s a shame that there are people who just want numbers. Don’t we all always say we don’t want to just be treated like a number? Thanks for a thought provoking post!

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. We all like different things don’t we! I follow some who don’t follow me back and then I have some who follow me but I don’t follow back. For instance if someone writes about things that might be a trigger thing for me, or for example, if someone writes a lot about the fun they have drinking lots of alcohol, I won’t follow them back because I’m trying hard not to drink alcohol 🙂 Then there is an overlap of people who I follow that follow me back 😀 “I am not a number!” 😀


  12. There’s nothing nicer than connecting with real people, I know what you mean. And it is astonishing how many people buy followers now, though I think people are wising up to that. As a blogger, I can see why they might do that, as as you say it does look strong to brands, but it’s a shame that it happens. I like chatting to the people who live in my phone!!!

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  13. The “follow for follow” game is so useless and silly.. To me there is a difference between follower and reader (although people can be both, of course). Followers clicked a button but they don’t necessarily read. Then there are people who come back to your blog, read your posts and perhaps leave a comment. This is much more important to me! Of course I love to get followers, but I’m more happy to see people come back to the blog.

    (Hello by the way, I just found your blog! Nice to “meet” you!)


  14. Well said Fiona. All of it. Couldn’t agree more.

    I think community is so important. And that’s about the people, as you said. You can tell you’re doing it right, from all of your interacting in the comments here.



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