And Then The Rain Came

Grass so parched it’s barely there

Brown and dry, scorched and bare

Land cracked and arrid, seeking some

Drops of water, from where will they come?

River beds empty, ponds forlorn

The land’s not thriving, just hard and warm

Pavements are breaking from the heat

It’s painful to walk, it burns your feet

Forest fires break out. This is getting bad.

Damage to life and nature, tragic and sad.

And then the rain came

Drop by drop, gentle and warm

Slow and peaceful, placid and calm

Moisturizing the wonderful Earth,

Nourishing it’s beautiful girth

Saturating those dry and wrinkled plants

Soaked and cooled, the grasses dance

Lush and green, healthy and fine

We’ve been waiting for this, it’s so divine

The rivers refill and ponds replenish

Looking once more like the town of Venice

A perfect balance of wet and dryness

Will help keep nature at its finest









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I’m Fiona, a UK blogger trying to live a positive life. I love cats, dogs, animals, cooking, flowers and pretty things, in no particular order. I have lots of time for nice people and I’d love to help you have a positive outlook. I write about my experiences, lifestyle, and sometimes just random thoughts.

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