Attention: Community Pool

How brilliant of Novus Lectio to take over the Community Pool, it’s such a great resource for sharing and reading new posts, join in and become a swimmer! Thanks Novus Lectio 😊🙏💐

Novus Lectio

Hey Swimmers,
As you’ve been noticed previously I’m hosting the new community pool from Monday to Friday.
This is the link to follow

I thought of hosting it in this blog but I’ve realized that I’d go crazy if I do it here, so I’ve opened a new blog for it.
PLUS I’m doing prompts too. So Saturday and Sunday you’ll enjoy the prompts!

Pease spread the word that The New Community Pool opens its doors on Monday

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Hi, thanks for reading. I'm Fiona, I live in Surrey, England. I like trying to make our home and garden look pretty. I love flowers, cooking, cats, dogs and pretty things. In my head I can run marathons but realistically I can only run a tap. I like nice people and try to make the most out of life and be positive as much as I can 😊 I also think I look better as a cat 🙀

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