WordPress Course – Blogging: Branding and Growth. Day One

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I’ve been wondering how to get my blog seen by more people.  At the moment people will see it either through the WordPress Reader or via Twitter.  This is great and I am surprised and happy that so many people are following me – thank you so much lovely people who are. 😊🙏🏻🌸

I love the support I am getting from other bloggers, I have been really surprised by that too.  I guess I had no clue what to expect when I decided to start my blog and so far it’s all been a huge bonus!  It’s made me so happy that I made that initial decision.  I can be quite impulsive, well very impulsive, I think I was so excited to start my blog that I jumped straight in at the deep end, without analysing and researching it all first, maybe I should have done that, maybe not, I don’t know…

Anyway I’m pretty ambitious and get bored easily – maybe that’s not quite what I mean – but I would love to get my blog read by more people, actually it’s not just that, I’d also like to have more interactions with people who get what I talk about too.  The WordPress community is really supportive and having a scout around I found that they offer a few courses. One is called Blogging: Branding and Growth , it’s a course to help build your blog and to get more traffic – perfect!  So being pretty clueless I’m going to give it a go!

Day One – Set Three Goals

The first question asked here is, “Why do you blog?” Well I could just contemplate and keep all this in my head but I thought I’d write it down, it’ll be a bit of a ramble so pass over this bit if you want to!  I love blogging, it’s a way of writing down feelings, observations and anything you want to.  It’s your own little piece of the internet where you can ramble away to your heart’s content without anyone judging you for whittling on. It’s somewhere to experiment with poetry – I’d never written a poem before in my life before I started this blog.  It’s a place to rant, if you want to.  It’s a place to write things down that you might want to look back on. It’s a place to keep memories alive, oh wow it’s so much.   It’s also – I’ve just discovered but didn’t realise – I told you I did no research into this! It’s also a place where you can engage with other people, like-minded human beings who you never would have come across if you didn’t get involved in blogging. And there are so many nice people out there!

Ramble Over.

The next question asked is  “If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? How many followers would you have? How often would you post? What would your blog do for you?”

Well I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t say it would be nice to have more followers, I don’t know how many is a good amount though. It would be pretty awesome one day to have perhaps 500 followers 🤗 How often do I post? Realistically I can post a couple of times a week, due to work commitments.  If I have more time or get inspiration to write something, it could be more. What would my blog do for me? Well it makes me feel fab about myself, particularly knowing that people are interested in what I’ve written.  This in turn makes me feel more confident. It’s also a social thing engaging with other bloggers.

If I think about the ‘beyond my wildest dreams ‘ well that would be to dedicate more time to my blog and become more confident in writing so I could do that full time and give up my day job,  In a perfect world actually now I think I would LOVE to write for a magazine or something.  I would certainly love to be able to be in a job where I can be a little bit creative, write a bit and enjoy some fulfilment. Wow I actually think that’s my first ambition I’ve ever consciously had! (Major confession). I’d never have thought I would enjoy writing, I didn’t at school which is why I have never had formal training – unless you can count a secretarial course, and I didn’t realise I liked it (the writing that is)  until now!  Well the question did say beyond my wildest dreams. And I can dream…

So to my three goals: (these are based on WordPress suggestions)

  • I would like to have 20% more followers within three months,  I have 203 at the moment – that’s including WP and Twitter followers, so that means I would like to aim for 243.6 people!  (Maybe the .6 of a person might dip in and out!)
  • I would like to increase my daily hits by 30% by the end of the year.  Well at the moment the average is, hang on I need to do a bit of maths here: the amount of visitors 1-13 April is 134, so that’s an average of 10.3 a day, so multiply by 30 for an average month is 309 visitors per month.  An increase of 30% would give me a target of about 402 visitors a month  Wow that’s a lot!  Anyway let’s go for it, that’s my goal for the end of the year.
  • The last goal suggests a weekly feature, I don’t have one of them at the moment but it’s a great idea!  I’m debating between Throwback Thursday (their brilliant idea) or maybe Motivational Monday (mine.)  I really can’t decide right now but will try and make a decision over the weekend so it will be a surprise for next week!

I’m looking forward to starting Day Two already 🤗 (You might have noticed I like this little jazz hands emoji!)


  1. You so spoke my language, I started a few months ago and I’m loving the journey so far. I know I’m suppose to he more consistent with my posting, but as you mention life constraints work, school etc has limited such, presently trying to work around such. However, I’ll be following your journey great post.

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  2. Hi! I liked your posts, and love the idea of a Motivational Monday, probably something a lot of people could benefit from. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, you could use instagram to work on getting more traffic to your blog.

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  3. I think you are doing really well, keep on blogging… question why do you blog? The answer for me is simple.. because I love the write, write about my feelings, write about my dreams and my future. Blogging then becomes so much more easier.

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  4. I love seeing other peoples goals and what they wish to achieve, so I enjoyed reading this very much.

    The blogging community has been so welcoming and kind, I’m certainly thankful it wasn’t all competition and everyone trying to beat everyone else.

    I hope you reach all of your goals and I can’t wait to read more of your posts x

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  5. Hi there Fiona! What a great day one post! I love your writing style. Very conversational. I just strated this course too. For the same reason as you almost. I’m definitely following along with you, alot resonated. Great goals, all very achievabl. PS, keep that emoji coming. Ivan

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