Sunday Gardening In The Rain – and With Motivation

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It’s fairly late on a Sunday evening, well it’s quarter past ten and I’ve just been thinking and celebrating the fact that I’m still awake and able to enjoy the moment.   I have a warming mug of deliciously milky hot chocolate on the coffee table, the dog is curled up in his bed and everyone else is in theirs.  I’ve decided to stay up a little later as I don’t have work tomorrow.

Just over three months ago the average Sunday evening would have seen me asleep on the settee, or maybe in bed, as I would have started on the wine about six-ish and therefore been completely zonked out by now.  I probably would have felt quite lethargic all day, recovering from Saturday night’s wine.

Instead today we had the motivation to get out in the garden.  We worked and grafted this afternoon – despite the rain!  Whoever would have thought we would want to spend a couple of hours in the garden with the rain pouring down, pulling up a load of weeds, digging up some huge clumps of rogue grasses and  cutting back masses of out-of-control vinca.  Oh and digging up a few plants that sadly got wrecked beyond salvation by the snow ad freezing temperatures a few weeks ago.  (The beast from the East, named by the weather people, that I think affected pretty much the whole of the UK.)

Admittedly gardening in the rain is nowhere near as enjoyable as gardening in the glorious sunshine with the sun shining down on you and warming you as you labour, but what a satisfying feeling to achieve so much.   If I’m honest it actually felt quite exhilarating.    Also what a reward knowing how awful the section we attacked looked before and then realising the transformation we made.   I wish I’d thought to take some photos of before and after.

(Mind you, if I’m completely honest I’m not sure I would have been quite so enthusiastic if I had to go anywhere afterwards – my hair looked a little damp and windswept!)

So this is yet another thing to attribute to giving up drinking alcohol.  I definitely feel like I have my motivation back and I really want to put the effort in to make the most out of life.

I’m really looking forward to the next time I have a chance to get back out there and enjoy the fresh air and exercise – after all there is a whole lot more to do!



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