Question Time – Home Page Photo

I’m contemplating changing the photo for my homepage.  At the moment it is this beautiful photo, which I got from Pixabay.


In hindsight Im thinking perhaps I should put a photo of my own as the main image, so am considering this one


This is a photograph that I took in my own garden last summer.  It’s a climbing rose that is on the arch in the middle of the garden. I know it’s not such a good quality photo but I thought it would be better to use one of my own pictures.  Most of my photos are of either our dog or cats so I am somewhat limited!

When the weather improves a bit I’ll take a photo of tea in the garden in the sunshine, which will be a bit more apt, but for now what do you think?

My own photo or the pretty one from Pixabay?


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I’m Fiona, a UK blogger trying to live a positive life. I love cats, dogs, animals, cooking, flowers and pretty things, in no particular order. I have lots of time for nice people and I’d love to help you have a positive outlook. I write about my experiences, lifestyle, and sometimes just random thoughts.

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