Dry January, Dry February AND Dry March

So I was going to wait until 100 days until I did an update, but actually I’m feeling so pleased with myself, I thought I would write a bit about it now, the impulsive me is inside bursting to get out!


I originally decided to do dry January and wasn’t sure whether I would manage to accomplish that.  In fact – confession time – I did drink some wine, well ok quite a lot of wine, on 2nd January, but I can honestly say hand on heart, that is the last time any of it touched my lips. And do you know what? I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I really did expect to crave it, and obviously I did at the start because it is physically and mentally addictive.    Now, however, I am pleased to report it is starting to feel a whole lot easier.

It has now been 88 days and this is the first holiday I have had from work since making that decision.  I thought the first evening would be really difficult because it’s a habit isn’t it – and an association.  Yay I’m off work for two weeks so let’s celebrate with a few glasses of wine.  How about, “Yay I’m  off work for two weeks so let’s celebrate by NOT drinking!”

My boyfriend actually said on Thursday night – which weirdly felt like Friday night – that he fancied a beer, I’m so pleased that he has also joined me in sobriety 😀  and is about 75 days in, I think.  This is helping me massively.  The only reason he wanted one, I’m sure, is because of the holiday thing.  I then thought about what we would gain from drinking.  The answer is NOTHING- a bit fat, indisputable zero.  There would be nothing positive about it at all.

Lets think about it:  Will it make me feel relaxed? Well I’m fine as I am thank you very much, in fact since abstaining I’ve become loads more relaxed than I was previously.   It will make the evening seem more ‘fun’ – hmmm, what’s fun about drinking so much you fall asleep early and miss out on any conversations you may have had if awake, or any tv shows you might want to watch.  Plus anything I do watch these days I can follow properly so I know what’s going on – and I can remember them in the morning.  It’s win win as far as I’m concerned,  I could go on…

Sorry I’ve just read back what I’ve written and it’s a bit of a ramble isn’t it…I guess it’s  because I wanted to write about how pleased I am, but also as I’m up and about nice and early – and awake and feeling relaxed, refreshed and clear headed – I want to get on with some of those spring cleaning, maintenance and gardening jobs I need to do – because I can!



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