Life is like…

Life is a bit like being at school.

We learn along the way and can decide whether or not to make the most of the opportunities that Present themselves.  We can also decide how much effort we put in and this will determine the outcome and results we achieve.  We can also choose to get along with people or to be hostile towards them.

If we put the maximum effort in, be cooperative,  make the most of all opportunities and try our best at what we do, then surely we will reap the benefits and rewards which will mean we enjoy life that much more – and the journey it entails.




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I’m Fiona, a UK blogger trying to live a positive life. I love cats, dogs, animals, cooking, flowers and pretty things, in no particular order. I have lots of time for nice people and I’d love to help you have a positive outlook. I write about my experiences, lifestyle, and sometimes just random thoughts.

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