Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden – How I chose the name

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I decided on 31st December 2017 that I wanted to try some new things in 2018. One was to attempt dry January and the other was to write a blog. Initially I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about my experience of dry January, however actually now I have written a couple of posts and really enjoyed it, I have decided it isn’t  just sobriety I want to talk about.

A couple  of weeks in, I decided to start a new website with a more positive focus and as a platform to talk about many different subjects, rather than just my journey to sobriety.  The dilemma that I had was what to call it.

I made my decision while swimming – I try and go swimming two or three days a week and use it as ‘thinking time’ – it’s a perfect time for this as it breaks up the monotony of swimming backwards and forwards,  forwards and backwards, fifty times. In addition to this, if I go on my own, as I often do, I actually get some uninterrupted  ‘me’ time and use thinking as a kind of meditation while I am exercising.  I love it!

Anyway the reason for the word sunshine in my blog title is that sunshine is a happy, warm, vivacious word that makes me think of balmy summer days, spent working or chilling in the garden, relaxing on a beach or out walking in the countryside.

Rain, on the other hand, is often thought of in a negative way, associated with gloomy days, sodden clothes and being generally miserable and limiting.

pexels-photo-388065.jpegHowever, rain is necessary for  the beautiful flowers and plants in the world to bloom and grow.  Rain is essential for our water cycle, therefore giving and sustaining life. Think about when it has rained, how wonderful and lush your garden looks, how green all the trees, plants, grass and hedges appear.

I think we can also compare this  fact – that however much we love the sunshine, we also need the rain – to our life and situations in general.  In one way it might seem ideal to have a wonderful life that flows smoothly with no hurdles or hiccups along the way BUT those trials and tribulations help us learn, they make us stronger and they help us to evolve into well rounded human beings, who hopefully become more confident at what we do and have no regrets because at least we have tried.

Think about this – when we are born we don’t really know how to do anything – we learn by making errors and we get better by persevering and not being afraid to get it wrong every now and again.


Try and think back to when you were really little – as a young child did you get on your new bike with just two wheels and no stabilisers and be able to ride it immediately or did you have help, then fall off many times and practise, practise, practise, until you had perfected the skill?

Think how fantastic that felt!



As an added bonus – Sunshine and raindrops together create a beautiful and  magical phenomenon- a rainbow!


My only last point to add is that tea in the garden (whether a cup of tea, tea and cakes or a meal) is, I think, one of life’s simple pleasures.



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