Sunshine, raindrops and tea in the garden

First and foremost: Hello and welcome to my blog!

I decided on 31st December 2017 that I wanted to try some new things in 2018.   One was to attempt dry January and the other was to write a blog.  Initially I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about my experience of dry January,  however actually now I have written a couple of posts and really enjoyed it, I have decided to write more generally and not just focus on my journey to sobriety.

For those who might be wondering why I chose this name for my site, there are a few reasons and I shall explain more in a future post…



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Hi, thanks for reading. I'm Fiona, I live in Surrey, England. I started my blog in January 2018. I like trying to be healthy and trying to make our home and garden look pretty. I love cats, dogs, cooking, flowers, light pink and light blue and pretty things. In my head I can run marathons but realistically I can only run a tap. I like to be happy - who doesn’t?! I like nice people and try to make the most out of life and be positive as much as I can 😊

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