Wine is NOT my friend

Nights out on the tiles

Cosy evenings in

Asking “What’s your poison?”

Cider, wine or gin.

Hoping for a good nights sleep

Glugging down the wine

Finally get a little snooze

After waking twenty times.

Heartbeat thumping, racing

Pulsing through my veins

Feels like I’m on fire

It really is no game.

Stomach sore and painful

Damage done inside

Feeling like a zombie

I’ve really lost my pride.

Eyes are tired and wrinkled

Face is full of lines

Skin is dry and blotchy

Not showing happy times.

Feeling very tired

Lethargic and no fun

Lazing around and wasted




  1. Hi ! Really strong writing. You can do this. Youโ€™re doing a great job. Three weeks is fantastic and things will start to feel better. Self care and plenty of it and of course keep posting ! Tori x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tori thank you and I am so glad you like it. I am going to try and stick with the Alcohol Free lifestyle as it is far more enjoyable than one with alcohol (for me anyway.) x


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