Friday Nights

So, last night I prepared to enter untouched territory, a new frontier, a complete new experience. A Friday night with no alcohol whatsoever – not a glug, nor a sip or a taste.  I thought it was going to be really tough.  To be fair it was tricky, especially at the beginning of the evening. It’s a habit isn’t it?  You’ve had a really taxing week at work and need something to look forward to. What better than a lovely chilled glass of white (or red.)

One part of a Friday I especially  look forward to  is the whole chilling in the kitchen thing. Cooking a delicious meal, chatting with family while sipping a glass of wine. It’s a sociable occasion. To be honest I’d actually rather do that than go and just sit in a pub. I love cooking and presenting tasty food.

Last night therefore was a very different experience, I managed by sipping a fruit cordial with crushed ice and sparkling water and although not quite the same, it wasn’t so bad .  This morning I received compliments from both my sons saying how delicious it was – how much they enjoyed it.  Perhaps it’s because it’s the first Friday night meal I’ve cooked sober in a while!

Under the guise of a pole-dancer…

This got me thinking about Friday nights in general.  I think in the UK it’s ‘traditional’ to go out, in one way, shape or form.  Whether it be out for a meal, or pub or club, it’s an end of the week treat.  I recall back in the 90s going to nightclubs with my mates, chucking our bags and/or shoes in a pile and boogieing down.  After the dancing we’d all scrabble around trying to locate our belongings that had undoubtedly been spread out here,  there and everywhere.

What a perfect haven for a kleptomaniac those clubs and discos must have been.  Can you imagine one prancing around eagle-eyed at the side of a dance floor, shimmying around with their broom under the guise of a pole-dancer, watching and waiting to swoop (or should that say sweep?)  Then, when the time is right, swiftly sashaying across the floor with their broom  collecting everything in their path in one huge bounty.  What a night!

Happy weekend everyone!



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