Dry January and …

I don’t have a great relationship with alcohol, I’m one of those people who would probably not stop at a glass but rather polish off the bottle. I’m one of those people who say, “Ooh what a lovely day let’s sit in the garden with something cold.”  If I’ve had a stressful day it would be an excuse for a drink,  if I’ve had a good day – an excuse for a glass of wine and so on and so on – you get the picture…

I haven’t drunk alcohol all my life.  Well as a teenager I did the usual sharing a bottle of cider with a mate in the park, those days when you could buy a 2 litre bottle for about 99p.   That progressed to sneaking in night clubs in my late teens ‘pretending’ to be over 21.  I guess that’s what all teenagers do isn’t it? Stay out until 1 am, go home, crash out and stay in bed until lunchtime on Sunday. Normal.

I might as well finish the bottle…

As an adult I used to enjoy the occasional glass of wine and I don’t think this is really a problem.  It is only during the last few years when one glass has led to two, two has led to  three etc ending with “I might as well finish the bottle.”

A second bottle, or part of it, occasionally followed the first and after many nights of waking up late evening on the settee and then having poor quality sleep when I do go to bed  I have finally decided to do something about it.



  1. I remember drinking cider in the park, it must be a rite of passage for all teenagers. Funnily enough, I’ve not drunk it as an adult, despite its recent reprisal as a ‘cool’ drink. Good luck if you are participating in Dry January, I’m attempting my first. Just one week left and the cycle starts all over again!

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    1. Hi Jane I think we probably all drank it as it was fairly cheap and (I think) tasted nicer than lager. Actually maybe it was more the fact that you could get it in a litre bottle and then share with all your friends! Good luck with Dry January x

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