A New Year, a new way of thinking…

I spent New Years Day being complete lazy – and probably hung over – watching a whole series of Gavin and Stacey. It was relaxing but hardly productive. Definitely not sociable. I think because I felt a little ‘tired’ it was easy to abstain that night and just settle for some water and a mug of deliciousness: hot chocolate! The next morning I felt considerably proud of myself. This was truly the first night in at least a year that I had not succumbed to a glass of the white stuff.

Stumbling at the first hurdle

The 2nd of January, however, I was not so strong-willed. I was doing ok until my partner decided to have a glass of nice cold beer and then my resolution was completely forgotten. A fresh, tasty, refreshing glass of chilled Chardonnay was just what I wanted. One led to another – which led to a bottle and a half.

The next morning, however I didn’t feel too good. I felt ‘blurry’ and tired, my heart felt as though it would leap out of my chest any minute, I could feel my blood pulsing around my body and racing down my arms. Not a nice feeling.

Added to that I reeled in the morning seeing our kitchen looking like a war zone, obviously neither of us could be bothered to tidy it up before we fell into bed. My objective again was reinforced and this time I felt stronger and more determined.

Subsequently that evening I poured myself a lovely glass of Belvoir raspberry and lemon cordial with some sparkling water and a slice of lemon – in a wine glass. It was truly delicious and I was happy with that…

Cue Thursday morning. As my phone played me a tinkling melody at 6 o’clock, I realised that this lovely sound had actually woken me up. I hadn’t been lying in bed awake since about 3 in the morning – which was my normal.  I wasn’t aware of my heart beat – well it was still there but not having a boxing match within my chest cavity.  

If I feel like this having one night off surely it’s got to be beneficial to try and keep it up…


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